Back in summer 2019, while at a friend’s house looking through his telescope at Jupiter, the idea of getting into astrophotography started to germinate someone in my brain. Soon after, I had done the bare minimum of reading to find some open-source software tools for image stacking and roped him into staying up late and putting his gear to use. With his Celeston 6" SCT, a Nikon DSLR (with a hand controller) and lots of new software I had no idea how to use, we went to work.

Jupiter, 2019

The result was small and blurry, but recognizably a planet which was more than enough to convince me that this hobby was worth the effort.

A bit shy of a year later, we got to try again and see if we couldn’t do a better job. With no changes in the gear (only more experience), we gave it another go and were rewarded with a much cleaner (though still blurry) view of the fifth planet.

Jupiter, 2020