I had some great viewing of Cygnus this summer and was able to take an assortment of nebula shots that I am pretty happy with overall. The Crescent Nebula was a bit of an experimental shot for me, I really had no idea how it was going to turn out in my field of view. I wound up taking two shots about a month apart. The first one in mid-July I took a handful of light frames while just scouting around Cygnus and was pretty intrigued by the result, though the star field obscuring the nebula was pretty intense.

Crescent Nebula, Unfiltered

After spending a decent amount of time in PixInsight trying various ways to reduce the stars and bring out the nebula, I realized my best bet was to just go back out and re-image it using my Optolong L-Enhance narrowband filter, which did a fantastic job of reducing most of the light from the stars and allowing the nebula and surrounding gasses to really come through.

Target Cescent Nebula (NGC 6888)
Telescope ED102 Triplet Refractor
Focal Length ~700mm (after field reducer/flattener)
Camera QHY268C
Light Frames 72 * 300s (filtered), 15 * 300s (unfiltered)

Crescent Nebula (Filtered), August 2021 - Full Size
Crescent Nebula (Unfiltered), July 2021 - Full Size